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Technical Advancement Concerning Aluminate Cement Slurry

KELIOIL has developed a new type fluid loss additive for aluminate cement slurry system, which has both excellent fluid loss control performance and good anti-sedimentation property.
As one of the most widely applied cement slurries, aluminate cement slurry is principally applied in projects requiring high early strength due to its rapid hardening. While the fact is that most fluid loss additives perfectly applied to portland cement slurry system has poor compatibility with this kind of cement slurry system, making its fluid loss unable to be controlled. At the same time, aluminate cement slurry’s poor anti-sedimentation property is another urgent issue to be solved.

For this reason, how to effectively control aluminate cement slurry’s fluid loss and improve its anti-sedimentation performance had became a big concern. To satisfy this market demand, our researchers went through trial and error and finally developed a new liquid fluid loss additive, which perfectly solved these technical problems.
This technical breakthrough further facilitates KELIOIL’s development and enhances our competitiveness. Besides, it is also a reflection of our customer-oriented service philosophy that we attach great importance on customer’s demands. KELIOIL, always keep ahead in the industry.
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