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Anti-sedimentation Type Fluid Loss Additive—CG212

Nowadays, with further development of oil well exploitation, more and more complicated situations have appeared during the cementing projects. One of the cementing accidents, leakage, is easily caused by the application of conventional density’s cement slurry in leaky and high permeable formation’s cementing. To avoid this, low density’s cement slurry is required in the case. Generally speaking, to apply light-weight-additives, like fly ash, micro-silicon, hollow glass-bead, floating bead, perlite, etc. and to increase water cement ratio at the same time is a widely used method to reduce cement slurry’s density, which, however, can lead to poor stability, sedimentation and poor compressive strength of the slurry. Therefore, it is essential to develop a multi-functional fluid loss additive suitable for low density cement slurry so as to meet complex well cementing requirements.


Regarding this problem, our R&D researchers developed fluid loss additive CG212 based on former products CG210 series with anti-sedimentation mechanism. Besides, during the development, our researchers made careful analysis, took projects’ actual needs into account and properly designed product structure. This product is suitable for cement slurry system whose densities range from 1.3 g/cm³-1.7g/cm³and effectively improves the stability, which further secure the quality of cementing.    


In addition, for the sedimentation problem of highly dispersive cement slurry used in Russia, Western countries and other areas, e.g., Dyckerhoff well cement, this fluid loss additive reduces the cement’s dispersive effect and allows the slurry maintain stable rheological property under various temperatures. 

In all, fluid loss additive CG212 is optimized for enhancing the performances of both low density cement slurry and highly dispersive cement slurry. It solves another tough problem in cementing projects.

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