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Fluid Loss Additive CG117—For Seawater Slurries

KELIOIL has made a breakthrough in the research and development of oil well cementing additives this year that the new product CG117 has been developed specifically for seawater slurries. Considering the demands of customers from different areas in home and abroad, our researchers finally satisfied them and further completed our product line with fluid loss additive CG117 through their intensive tests and studies.


This product has been successfully applied in seawater slurries and it is also applicable in both calcium salt water slurries and saturated brine water slurries, which provides an effective solution to customers who apply fluid loss additive with seawater. Besides, CG117 has good performance of sedimentation stability when applied in highly dispersed slurries of normal density (1.9g/cm³). What’s more, this new kind of fluid loss additive is not only resistant to high temperature which reaches 180℃, but also has a fast strength development of set cement.


In all, CG117, this newly-developed fluid loss additive, is a high performance type suitable for seawater slurries.  

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