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KELIOIL Attends Oil Well Cementing Technology Seminar 2018

In golden autumn days, the Work Conference and Well Cementing Technology Seminar 2018 is held by Well Cementing Group, Well Drilling Division, CPESC (Chinese Petroleum Engineering Specialty Committee), CPS (Chinese Petroleum Society) in Chongqing, China from September 18th to 20th, 2018.

Panorama of the Conference

As a member company of Well Cementing Group, Well Drilling Division, CPESC, CPS, Tianjin Kelioil Engineering Material and Technology Co., Ltd. attends the seminar. The conference is a high-level academic event in oil well cementing industry nationally. KELIOIL, a technology company specializing in large scale manufacture of oil well cementing additives and test instruments, injects fresh energy into the industry at the conference. 

The Assistant Chief Engineer is accepting an award onstage.(front row, third from left)

At the conference, the exhibition of our featured products -- oil well cementing test instruments and fluid loss additives made of new polymers -- receives much attention from industry experts and clients.

Parts of Our Exhibited Instruments: HTHP Consistometer, Fully-automated Rotational Viscometer with 12 Speeds, Automatic Constant Speed Mixer, Stirred Fluid Loss Cell with Automatic Pressure Regulation

Our exhibited fluid loss additives can be used in different cement slurry systems respectively, such as low-density, high-density, or normal-density cement slurry, cement slurry prepared with sea water or calcium chloride solution, etc.

By virtue of professional explanation and friendly attitude, our engineers show features and details of our products to experts and clients who come to consult us in front of our desk and answer their questions with patience.

Industry experts and clients are attracted to our featured products -- fluid loss additives and rotational viscometer. At the same time, other oil well cementing test instruments, such as HTHP consistometer, etc. and additives are also widely-admired. Moreover, we also introduce our business scope, development direction, and our subsidiary company, Tianjin Nithons Technology Co., Ltd., which is a Sino-Japanese joint venture in detail.     
        Vice General Manager is making a presentation 

By attending the conference, we demonstrate our results of scientific research to and share them with experts and clients, and it’s also a good opportunity for our technical team to learn more about oil well cementing industry trends and cutting-edge technologies by communicating with so many experts. Therefore, the conference is of great significance for our development.                                 

                      Group Photo of Our Staff Taken at the Conference

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