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                                  Kelioil’s Product Played a Part in Daqing Oilfield’s Projects

In the beginning of 2016, the drilling crews of No.1 Drilling Company in China’s Daqing Drilling Engineering Company successfully completed four complicated wells’completion projects. This substantial achievement was acquired by No.1 Drilling Company, No.1 Drilling Technology Company and Drilling Research Institute with strong supports and full cooperation from relevant departments. And more significantly, all of the four complex wells achieved one-time cementing with dual density cement slurry.

To ensure the projects run smoothly, the Drilling Research Institute tested the additives for lightweight cement slurry in advance. As is known, fluid loss additive, the most important additive of the largest dosage in cement slurry design, plays a crucial role in cementing project. In this cementing, our CG210 fluid loss additive was applied. It is AMPS polymer type for lightweight cement slurry system, high temperature resistant, salt water resistant and producing little free fluid at the same time. It is also able to thicken cement slurry to some extent. Besides, this series is widely applicable to the cementing project which requires high suspension stability of cement slurry, such as leaky and high permeable formation’s cementing and horizontal well cementing. Additionally, CG210 series not only has good adaptability to other additives and all API classes’ cement, but also are suitable for different qualities of water. In Daqing oilfield’s projects, our fluid loss additive ensured high-quality well cementing and helped the whole projects complete successfully.

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