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                                                          CF410 High Temperature Dispersant

As is known, cementing additives are essential for optimizing the performance of cement slurry and improving the quality of cementing operation. In addition to fluid loss additive, dispersant (also known as drag-reducing additive) is also of great importance. CF410 high temperature dispersant, developed and produced by KELIOIL, has been applied successfully in cementing operations for over a decade due to its superb performance.

CF410’s dispersive action on cement particles makes it possible to reduce cement slurry’s consistency, enhance its liquidity as well as rheological behavior and thus to ensure a safe and quality cementing operation. Our dispersant has a wide applicable temperature range which is from 30℃-180℃(86℉-356℉,BHCT), therefore, it is extensively applied in deep wells’cementing operation at home and abroad. Moreover, CF410 is salt resistant and still has a good performance in 5%-10% brine cement slurry. Also, it has no special requirements on the quality of mixing water. Being the first-class high-temperature dispersant in China, CF410 not only has outstanding dispersive performance, but possesses good adaptability to cement slurry and excellent compatibility with other additives as well.

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