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                                                  Oil well Cementing Fluid Loss Additive

During oil well cementing process, cement slurry tends to lose fluid due to the pressure, which will degrade cement slurry’s performance and cause damage to oil and gas reservoir once the free fluid enters into it. It is a common sense that excessive fluid loss will make cementing project hard to proceed and thus the quality of cementing is adversely affected. Therefore, to control fluid loss of cement slurry is of vital importance and the application of fluid loss additive is a great solution.

With KELIOIL’s continuous R&D and innovation, mature fluid loss additive products which are applicable in different temperature ranges have been developed and their excellent performance has won reputation worldwide.

Our products possess the following characteristics:
1.Salt-resistant, they are able to control fluid loss in salt water system.
2.Temperature-resistant, they have good performance in high temperature.
3.Moderate thickening and dispersive effect make cement slurry keep good fluidity.
4.Good compatibility with other additives, good adaptability with different classes of oil well cement slurry and have no requirements on water quality.
5.Cement slurry produces little free fluid, possesses good suspension stability, has no retarding effect and the development of set cement’s strength is not affected.

Our products’ good fluid loss control performance not only ensures a safe and high quality cementing project, but also prevents the oil and gas reservoir from being polluted so as to enhance the oil recovery and thus further prolongs the working life of oil wells. 

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